You Can Now Drink Basidina, Basi Maria at Saramsam

Basidina and Basi Maria are now available at Saramsam, one of Laoag’s most famous Ilocano restaurants. Restaurateur Samuel Blas handpicked the wines himself, according to the brand’s director and resident winemaker Sigrid Salucop.

“Our crisp white wine Basidina and our bold red Basi Maria are perfect for Saramsam’s selection of delicious Ilocano dishes,” she adds.  In a separate conversation, Salucop said that she is “very happy” that Basi del Diablo is now on Saramsam’s wine list and “quite excited” because the restaurant is frequented by tourists.

Saramsam is the in-house restaurant of Balay da Blas, a hotel located in downtown Laoag. Apart from its mouthwatering dishes, the restaurant also offers a taste of Ilocano culture through the art work displayed on its tables and walls. Saramsam has a “very Ilocano feel. It is both traditional and modern and the food is also a fusion of the old and the new,” says Sissel Salucop, Salucop Group’s finance chief.

“We are happy that Manong Sam took us on. We never imagined this years ago and now we are at Saramsam ,” she adds.



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