Cafe Buho, Special to Basi del Diablo Winemaker

Sigrid Salucop, the resident winemaker of Basi del Diablo Wines says that Cafe Buho in Bellagio Hills is special to the brand. When the Bellagio Hills establishment  opened its doors to the public, Salucop introduced the wines to the hotel’s owner Michael K. Raeuber.

“Mr. Raeuber immediately said yes to carrying the wines in his hotel. It was delightful. It made us very happy because even if the recipe is over a century old, the brand is still quite young. We only started bottling in 2013 and his ‘yes’ meant a lot to us. It still means a lot to us today,” Salucop recalls.

Cafe Buho is among the first bistros that took on the wines while Bellagio is the second hotel that said yes to offering the wines to its clientele, according to an article written by Juanito Alvidrez, one of Basi del Diablo’s wine ambassadors.

“We are very thankful that Bellagio took us on,” Salucop says. “Other establishments followed after Bellagio. Cafe Buho will always have a special place in our hearts” she adds.

Cafe Buho is Bellagio Hills Hotel and Restaurant’s bistro. The establishment is located in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. The bistro and Basi del Diablo recently hosted a wine pairing night and they are planning to do it again over the holidays.


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