Basi del Diablo, Bellagio Thank Wine Pairing Night Guests


Local wine brand Basi del Diablo and Bellagio Hills Hotel & Restaurant thank guests for attending the two establishments’ first wine pairing night through a post on Facebook. The event was held at Cafe Buho, the hotel’s bistro overlooking Lake Paoay. Local favourites such as Ilocos longganisa were served along with a sampling of different cheeses as well as dishes made by Chef Paul Christopher Kimpson.

On October the 29th, Basi del Diablo Wines said that the brand “had a wonderful time last Saturday.” It added that the “wine pairing night with Bellagio was so much fun.”

“We are lucky that we have the support of our friends here in Ilocos Norte. Their attendance to the event means a lot to us especially now that the wines are still in their early stages commercially,” Sigrid Salucop, the brand’s director and the CEO of Salucop Group, Inc says.

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A Special Event

Bellagio Hills is among the first hotels that took on Basi del Diablo Wines, according to  Salucop. “Bellagio Hills has a special place in our hearts. When the brand came home to Ilocos Norte in 2017, the hotel welcomed it with open arms,” she says. The first hotel that got the wines is Fort Ilocandia. It was later followed by Bellagio Hills in the same year. 

“This is all thanks to the establishment’s owner and Royal Cargo Group CEO Michael K. Raeuber and Bellagio’s General Manager Allan Tuppil,” Salucop adds as she reminisces the time when the wines were introduced to Raeuber during the opening of Cafe Buho. “Cafe Buho itself is special for us as you can imagine,” she says.

The wine brand hails from Batac, Ilocos Norte. While the family is among the oldest families that make the heritage wine Basi, Salucop Group only started bottling the wines in 2013. Its operations used to be in Manila until the company decided to bring its production back home. 



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