Get Hooked With These Basi-Seafood Pairings

Years ago, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a nice rosé or pure basi for seafood. My go-to were always crisp white wines that were served cold and more often than not, my choices were Italian or French. Things have changed since the launch of Basi del Diablo Wines and now, this great granddaughter of a basi maker, has turned into one of the heritage wines’ biggest fans.

Basi Puro + Fried Tilapia or Rellenong Bangus

I love basi and our pure sugarcane wine Basi Puro will always occupy a huge space in my heart. The Puro is a bold choice for fish despite its unassuming nature. It is bland with a distinct tartness that confuses the palate but its subdued complexity gives it the right character for deep fried tilapia or rellenong bangus. It is an absolute favourite at home when these dishes are served.

Basidina + Shellfish

I heard once that Basidina is so neutral to the point of anonymity. If I didn’t know any better, I would have taken this as an insult. Its neutral nature is exactly the reason why it pairs so well with shellfish. Clean as a whistle, this beautiful white wine has the capacity to be glorious when paired with the right food. Try it with prawns or shrimps or pair it with scallops.

Virginia Blush + Creamy Seafood Pasta

I can’t deny that Virginia Blush is one of my favourites and if you’ve read previous pronouncements of my love for it, you already know that I’d pair it with anything. I wouldn’t pair it with 100% dark chocolate though but that’s a story for another day. 

Virginia Blush is sweet and refreshing, making it a great companion to pasta topped with creamy seafood. It can also be paired with grilled fish and an adventurous choice for shellfish.


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