Bellagio GM Recommends Virginia Blush

The general manager of Bellagio Hills Hotel and Restaurant in Paoay, Ilocos Norte recently posted a flattering review of Basi del Diablo’s Virginia Blush, according to Salucop Group’s chief Sigrid Salucop. A post from the establishment’s GM, Allan Tuppil, said that the pink wine is “both manly and sophisticated”.

“I’ve tried it, la,” the general manager added, his excited tone translated even through a Facebook post.  He reiterated in the post that the wine is gentleman-friendly.

“This is an encouraging note to men who are not comfortable being seen with a glass of pink wine,” Salucop wrote in an email. 

The GM said that the Basi del Diablo rosé is savoury and that it is “comparable to the famous American wine called Syrah Rosé”.

“Like Syrah rosé, Pink Blush, I believe, is typically made in the Saignée Method which usually means it will have deeper colors of ruby with notes of white pepper, green olive, strawberry, cherry, and peach skin —definitely on the funky side. It tends to be more on the bolder end of the spectrum and are best served slightly warmer than fridge temperatures in a regular red wine glass,” Mr Tuppil added.

Salucop said that she is “amazed at how the GM described the Virginia Blush”. A paler pink compared to the Syrah, Virginia Blush does have the complexity of deeper rosés.

“This is a surprisingly good wine with pepperoni pizza or a bowl of chili,” said Mr Tuppil, who also included a photo of a mouthwatering pepperoni pizza and the brand’s pink wine in his post.

“We are grateful to Bellagio Hills’ GM for his kind words about our wine. He has been promoting them since we moved our operations to Ilocos Norte. This is a big deal because Bellagio is among the best hotels in the region and Allan is a sommelier,” Salucop said.

Basi del Diablo’s Virginia Blush is available by the glass at Bellagio Hills’ restaurant Cafe Buho.



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