Meet Our Soulful Pink Wine

Whenever I am unsure of something, I go to mama. When I am unsure what to serve when hosting a party, I reach for her wine.

Virginia Blush is often described as a simple rosé but underneath its inviting crystal pink hue is a cheerful wine meant to be versatile rather than just drank for or with dessert. It is an indispensable ally for dinner parties, especially when one is at a loss on what wine to serve. It does pair well with pastries and cakes but can hold its own when drank with pasta topped with rich, creamy sauce. Interestingly, this sugarcane and grape concoction also goes well with red sauce.

Meat lovers will love this wine, too. It is absolutely amazing when paired with pork chops or pulled lamb and if you are the kind who wants sweetness while having something hearty, you can pair it with steak. Virginia Blush is a dependable friend and the best wine to have around if you always entertain at home.  

This time of year, when rain is almost always expected in the late afternoons, a bottle of Virginia Blush is always present in my chiller. This wine named after my maternal grandmother is a happy drink that can shoo away that particular sadness that gloomy days bring. I love the rain but most of my friends don’t. If they happen to pass by the shop on a rainy afternoon, I have a pink wine to serve.

Virginia Blush is my family’s way of celebrating my mama’s life. She is now 87 and still as happy and hopeful as she was when she was younger. As a subject, Virginia Mangapit could produce many books: one discussing her elopement with my grandfather Jose Mangapit, another about her childhood in the ’30s.

Mama Old, as I call her, is one of the loves of my life. The sweetness of the Virginia Blush was inspired by her but like mama, it is not overwhelmingly sweet. This restraint can be felt and tasted in this refreshing wine and if you give it time to rest in yiur mouth a second longer, you will find that it is also soulful. It has a complex personality. It is fragrant and delicate but with a bit of flirtatiousness that makes it irresistible.

Whenever I am unsure of something, I go to mama. When I am unsure what to serve when hosting a party, I reach for her wine. There is no standard pink in the wine world. If you love those with deep watermelon colours, you will likely say that this wine is not pink enough. However, you will find that the pale pink of the Virginia Blush is just as enjoyable as other rosés


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