When it Rains, What Do You Pour?

It’s another rainy day here in Ilocos Norte, which always brings to mind (well, my mind) which wine I should drink and what food will go with it. I often think of shepherd’s pie when there’s a heavy downpour and I don’t have the slightest idea why. I also think about boisterous red wines and our bold but elegant red Basi Maria.


When it’s not too warm or when Ilocos Norte got a bit of rain, I pour a glass of white wine. It must be that distinctive smell of the ground when it rains that prompts my palate to crave for Basidina’s subtle citrus flavours. I have to admit, however, that lively Rhône reds are a wonderful choice too and that our very own sweet red Ambaristo is another option. This noisy little number is my go-to if I am hankering for sweet succulent berries and grapes and when we are facing typhoons. I do not drink when the governor says I can’t though especially when there’s a looming natural disaster. I draw the line there.


What is with me and the weather? Wet weather is so fascinating, for one, and pairing wine with rainy days is one of my strangest hobbies. Summers are a delight but I like rainy days more. There is something that the rains awaken. The rain gives us time to pause and personally, it makes the world seem more peaceful, seem being the operative word.


Giovanni Morassutti says that “good wine, like good art, can evoke emotions, sensations and create an experience which leaves a lasting impression.” Wine is so powerful that it can unearth emotions for all the world to see. Mix that with a bit of rain and you’ll find how absolutely romantic it is to enjoy a glass of wine.


What wine do you open when it rains? Tell me, I’d like to know.



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