Smoke’s Chef Introduces Basi Puro in ‘Becoming Filipino’ Video

The chef and owner of Smoke Bar and Restaurant mentions Basi del Diablo’s Basi Puro in a new video by Kyle Jennermann, the host of Becoming Filipino. The video logger and his friends were served with Chef Chris Stolk’s tasty laing and Smokey Poqui along with a few shots of Basi del Diablo’s pure sugarcane wine.

The video shows the chef singing his Smokey Poqui song and telling the group about the delicious Filipino dishes he makes. Stolk also mentions the wine brand and its origins. Basi del Diablo Wines is based in Batac, Ilocos Norte, just a few minutes away from Smoke’s Paoay home. The Salucops have been making the heritage wine since 1906. Other wines under the Basi del Diablo name followed over a century later, according to the group.


“We are thankful that the chef mentioned Basi del Diablo during his interview. It is much appreciated,” says Sigrid Salucop, Basi del Diablo’s resident winemaker and managing director. Salucop started bottling the wines in 2013. Her sister Sissel, Salucop Group’s finance chief, says that Sigrid “built the brand from the ground up”.

“It was an ordeal, to say the least. It took a lot of testing to get the right combination of ingredients. A year or so later, we were able to market Basi Maria, Virginia Blush, Basidina, and Ambaristo. De La Bodega, our sweet white wine, came out years later,” Sissel Salucop adds.


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