Wilfred’s partners with Gleam for Mother’s Day

Wilfred’s physical store in Batac has partnered with its neighbour Gleam, a medical and wellness centre headed by Dr. Laiza Cabbuag-Retinio. The package that the two establishments are offering includes one hour of Gleam’s signature massage plus hot stone followed by wine tasting at Wilfred’s. The store will be serving Basi del Diablo Wines.

“You can treat your mum to a massage and some wine and chocolates this Mother’s Day for only P799,” Sigrid Salucop, the owner of Wilfred’s says.

This is the first partnership between the two businesses, according to Wilfred’s despite being neighbours for almost three years. Salucop says that the partnership “is long overdue” since Gleam and Wilfred’s owners are related by blood.

“We encourage everyone to buy the gift certificates either at Gleam or Wilfred’s. It is a good promo because you get a huge discount for both the massage and the glasses of wine,” Salucop comments.

Gleam’s and Wilfred’s promo will run from May 11 to 13. To purchase a gift certificate or two, head to Gleam or Wilfred’s today.


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