Kingfisher, Basi del Diablo Two Good Reasons for You to Grab Your Sunscreen

One of the best beachfront properties in Ilocos Norte now carries Basi del Diablo variants Basi Maria, Virginia Blush, Basidina, and De La Bodega, a welcome development for beach lovers who also happen to love good wine. Pagudpud’s Kingfisher Kitesurfing Hotel made the wines available this week, Basi del Diablo says.

“If you haven’t stayed at Kingfisher, you can book online to experience the beauty of Ilocos Norte’s shoreline and more,” comments Salucop Group’s operations chief Ralph Atienza-Mckenzie. “The property has a 200 metre stretch of white sand and pristine waters as far as the eyes can see. When it’s windy, you can go kiteboarding.”


A Hidden Gem


Kingfisher sits in a secluded part of Pagudpud, hidden behind lush vegetation. It reminds visitors of the raw beauty and peaceful atmosphere that is distinctively Ilocos. The white beach, open waters, beautiful cabanas, appetising cuisine combined with piercingly bright summer days make it possible for Kingfisher to offer the ultimate summer holiday. During the rainy days, when the northern portion of Ilocos Norte gets a bit cold and wet, the resort reveals another charming side.

The kitesurfing hotel opened in the latter part of 2011 after its owner Mon Manotok moved up north. According to Kingfisher’s website, the peaceful hideaway “started off with nipa huts” but “has grown to include a wide variety of rooms ranging from cabanas, casitas, superior rooms, and beach huts”. The resort also has a premiere suite.

After spending the night at Kingfisher, guests wake up to a beautiful shoreline with fine white sand and a stretch of shallow waters complete with corals, rocks, and seagrass. On windy days when guests would like to go out to the open sea, this idyllic spot becomes the perfect place for kiteboarding and windsurfing, two favourite activities of the resort’s patrons. Other outdoor activities that guests can enjoy at Kingfisher include stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming.

“Pagudpud is a beautiful place in general but Kingfisher takes the cake when it comes to hospitality. When you go there, it’s like coming home to family,” Atienza-Mckenzie says. He adds that Kingfisher is unique because of “the sense of community” and the very laid back vibe that it offers to its guests.

The resort has a restaurant and a bar. The restaurant located right in the heart of the property serves local and international fare. Like the restaurant, the bar is also an attraction on its own. It is operated by nutrition specialist Chef Luz Angela Echeverry during the summer months. The Venezuelan chef serves mouthwatering vegan and vegetarian cuisine along with Basi del Diablo wines and German beer. The chef’s work station at Kingfisher has an unobstructed view of the sea and dining there is as amazing as her food. 




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