Basi del Diablo Launches Scavenger Hunt

Basi del Diablo Wines just launched a scavenger hunt on January the 31st, an event that the brand will host for the rest of 2019. Salucop Group, Inc. CEO Sigrid Salucop hid the first bottle on January 31 at her grandmother’s home in Batac. The bottle was found a day later. Salucop notes that the wines will be hidden in random places on random days, adding that wine lovers who would like to get a free bottle from the brand can participate in the wine hunt by checking her Instagram account or her Facebook wall. 

Wine Bottle No. 2 

A total of five clues were given as to the whereabouts of the second wine bottle and no one has found it yet. The bottle, according to Salucop, comes with a note. All the team knows as of this time is its location – Kingfisher Kitesurfing Hotel in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.


Once someone finds one of the bottles, the finder would need to take a selfie with the wine, tag the location and @slgrld so that those who are still looking for the wine at a particular location can try their luck another time. The post needs to be public to help the brand promote the local product. Salucop also said that those who find the wine should use the hashtags #bitchifoundyourwine and #basideldiablo to be included in December’s wine raffle. 

Salucop did not reveal how many wines she has hidden but the team knows that a few cases have been set aside for an unknown project in December. Said cases have exited the warehouse on January 30th based on the company’s records. 

SGI’s chief has been secretive about the scavenger hunt but did mention in one Facebook comment that there is a bottle hidden near Osaka Castle in Japan. There are still no clues as to where Wine Bottle No. 3 is though and whether the one in Osaka is indeed Wine Bottle No.3. Details will likely be revealed by Salucop on yet “another random day”.

Wine Bottle No.1 was found by Feiry Rose Lamarca who immediately took a photo of the bottle of Virginia Blush when she found it. 


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