A Year-End Message from Basi del Diablo

As the year comes to a close, we are reminded of our beginnings and the many trials we needed to endure to get to this point. This has been a very fruitful year for a small wine brand from an obscure part of the world, a product of years of 60-hour work weeks and the undying love of those who have supported the brand from the very start.

My Uncle Dante and Auntie Rachel, along with dad and grandma, have been staunch supporters of Basi del Diablo Wines. We will never tire of thanking them every single year as doing that is not enough for all their love, patience, kindness, and input.  To my sorority sisters, friends from childhood, and new ones, your love and support encouraged us to keep on going. We are grateful that you are in our lives. May the new year bring you enough joy and prosperity.

While our numbers are now at the accountant’s office, every year-end assessment comes with something better than numbers and profit, it comes with life lessons, too. We learned the importance of time, generosity, and not forgetting who we truly are. We have also strengthened our belief that a business does not need to be run by greed.  

We are by no means anywhere near our 10-year plan but every milestone is just as important. Every single step is a step forward and we believe that every new customer that becomes loyal to the brand is a blessing in more ways than one. To our buyers, who have become great friends, thank you. Your appreciation of the wines we make means so much to us. 

Thank you again and have a great time during the holidays!


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