Basi Puro Now Available at Mang Bartek

Basi del Diablo’s pure sugarcane wine Basi Puro is now available at Mang Bartek Bar and Grill, one of Quezon City’s newly opened watering holes. Apart from the Ilocano table wine, Mang Bartek also serves cold beer as well as a range of non-alcoholic beverages. What is most intriguing about Mang Bartek is the menu because it changes every single day! As of this writing, the owner posted uber trendy burger buns in a range of colours, an indication that Mang Bartek will be grilling juicy burger patties very soon.

The Ilocano words Mang Bartek has two meanings. One is “to get you/someone drunk” or “someone who loves to drink”. The aptly named bar opened in early November and it is ready to serve exciting dishes with Ilocano, Filipino, and American influences. Ready to get hammered? Visit Mang Bartek today!


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