5 Wines, Delicious Food, One Night

Imagine driving down to Paoay, a quaint little town in the north. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by the beauty that is the St. Agustin Church bathing in yellow light. You will also see star-shaped lanterns hanging on the branches of old trees and a few people taking photos of the church. You park your vehicle nearby, possibly under a tree and walk straight to your destination – Smoke Bar and Restaurant.

Each step on Paseo de Paoay’s grand staircase will lead you to a wine dinner you’ll never forget. After being greeted by the gracious host, you and your companions will be seated in the open air restaurant. Smoke has a gorgeous view of the church and its manicured garden. Please enjoy it after ordering the wine package. It’s P1,300 per person – a small price to pay to experience Basi del Diablo’s wines and the delicious food prepared by Smoke’s Executive Chef.

We’ll give you time for a bit of conversation before the waiter/waitress serves a beautiful Cajun Shrimp Salad designed to whet your appetite. Along with this carefully-prepared starter is the incredibly delicious Blackened Blue Marlin, a new addition to Smoke’s menu. Both dishes are paired with Basi del Diablo’s crisp white wine Basidina made from sugarcane grown in the Ilocos region and fermented with grapes. Like all the wines from Basi del Diablo, this white wine was made by my own hand using a centuries old recipe.

As wine is poured in each glass, feel free to ask questions about the food and the wine . The flavours are delicate and astonishing but the night is long and your taste buds will be ready for more.

The friendly staff will then serve Smoked Pulled Lamb Shoulder, Smoked Beef Brisket, and Smoked Baby Back Ribs paired with a bold yet elegant red wine Basi Maria. Like any red wine, Basi Maria pairs well with meat but unlike most grape-based wines, it is as versatile as its traditional sugarcane wine cousin, Basi Puro.

For dessert, you will be served with Smoke’s signature Spice Cake paired with Basi Puro. Made from ghost pepper, cocoa, and an alarming amount of butter, this Spice Cake is a show-stopper. One bite of it followed by Basi Puro will give your taste buds an explosive awakening. I was so surprised myself when I got a taste of the pairing and it’s definitely hard to forget.

If you like your dessert incredibly sweet with a bit of tartness, you can move on to the Calamansi Square paired with our deep red dessert wine Ambaristo. Named after one of the men who led the Basi Revolt, the wine Ambaristo is a bold, sweet wine made from wildberries, plum, grapes, and sugarcane.

You can end the night with more wine. You can either order a bottle of Virginia Blush or our new sweet white wine De La Bodega straight from our farm’s small warehouse. See you tonight!


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