7 Fascinating Secrets To Gulping Wine Without The Tears

Something depressing just happened. And the only thing you want in the world right now is a bottle of wine.

You feel that a few glasses will make you happy, at least for the moment.

But more often than not, most of us get more depressed while drinking. In fact, doctors say, drinking alcohol to drown one’s sorrows is a bad idea. And this is especially true if you drink too much.

Still want to drink wine but without the tears?

Let me show you how.

  1. Drink A Glass, Nothing More

Too much alcohol is bad for you but drinking just enough will help alleviate your anxiety. It can also make you fall asleep easier and it makes it possible for you to forget your sorrows for the night.

Please note that drinking alcohol every time you come across a problem is not a good thing. That is already called alcohol abuse.

  1. Choose A Happy Wine

The sweet, sparkling types are the best wines for those who are depressed. While this is not backed by science, you can still try it out. A glass or two would do you good. And since the wine is sweet, you’d be smiling in no time.

  1. Eat Chocolates With It

If you have chosen something sparkling or one that is sweet enough to go with chocolates, by all means get some chocolates! Chocolates have an effect on the brain and it’s a good one. It is a natural happy pill.

  1. Strawberries + Wine

Strawberries, like chocolates, can change your mood and make you feel better. They are best paired with sparkling wines and happy, sweet wines. It doesn’t really matter what kind of wine you choose if you’re just drinking it at home. No one will judge you for your wine pairing mistakes.

  1. Watch A Comedy While Drinking

Watching a depressing film can only make you feel worse but watching a comedy while drinking wine will likely improve your mood.

  1. Listen To Upbeat Songs

If you are lovelorn, don’t listen to one of those love songs because they’d only make you cry. Anything that makes shed tears shouldn’t be on your playlist right now. Look for meaningless songs that have happy beats instead.

  1. Wine + Pasta

Why not have a meal? Pasta goes great with wine and because you’re depressed (maybe have been for days), you probably need some nourishment too. Pasta is high in protein and studies show that a lack of protein can cause depression. Maybe you lack protein? Who knows? You might as well give it a try.



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