How A Bottle Of Basi del Diablo Helps Farms

A bottle of wine from Basi del Diablo helps farms in the Ilocos region. But how does the company do that?

The Basi Industry is a dying industry with many of the winemakers belonging to ages 70 to 100. (Yes, some are even over a hundred years old!) And because many of these winemakers’ children no longer want to continue the tradition, the industry has weakened in terms of production. Because of this decline, many farms no longer have that many winemakers to sell their sugar cane to. And that is where we come in.

We buy our raw materials from farmers in the region. We do get raw materials from our own farm but since our inception, we have been getting raw materials from neighbouring farms too because of the demand for our cane-based wines. And of course, as we grow, we’d be buying from more farms ensuring that those who plant sugar cane will have a sure buyer year in and year out. So that’s how a bottle of wine from us helps the farms.

Interested in our wines? Take a look at our online shop here. We are offering 20% off for a minimum purchase of six bottles.

It has always been the aim of the company to cultivate a sustainable business that does not only help the brand but also help those who till the land. We never buy sugar cane stalks from middlemen and we always make sure that we buy them from farmers at an honest price. I am very proud of this fact.

We currently have five variants – Basi Puro, Basidina, Basi Maria, Virginia Blush, and Ambaristo but we will launch two more brands soon. They are still sitting in a dark place in Ilocos Norte but my sister already took pictures and posted them on Instagram.



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