Why You Should Give Gifts This Christmas

The holiday season has begun and consumers are feeling the pressure. Ideas of what to give to family and friends abound as stores and brands push ads, deals, and discounts onto our faces. Although Christmas has been highly commercialised for the longest time, holiday shopping has become both a beloved and hated tradition. But why do we spend time in traffic in Manila just to buy gifts for Christmas? Well, gift-giving in general is a beloved tradition on its own. But it’s not just tradition that push us to get out of our homes to get to the malls though. It is because gift giving is gratifying. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling really. And it makes others happy, too.

According to psychology, gifts are somehow a reflection of the relationships between people. Sentimental gifts are often given to that one man or one woman you love while thoughtful gifts are often given to your dearest friends.

Gift-giving is unselfish. It arises from altruism, according to experts. So since it is the season of giving, why not give gifts?

And since I am writing this, you might as well buy from us. A bottle of wine from Basi del Diablo Wines is the gift of drunkenness but it’s not just going to benefit you and your recipient. That one bottle of wine you get from us will also benefit a number of farms in the Ilocos Region where we buy our raw materials from.

Sounds good?

If it does, check out our online cellar or click on the Shop button on this website. We accept Paypal and are currently taking care of other payment gateways to accommodate customers without Paypal accounts.



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