Give The Gift Of Drunkenness This Christmas

The gift of drunkenness is always something I appreciate and something that someone you know would appreciate too. If your friends love to drink alcohol, give them the gift of Basi. I am not encouraging alcoholism here though just to be clear. All I am encouraging is happiness because there’s that certain level of happiness that one reaches when one is drinking alcohol.

Basi has quite the kick and our unfiltered version will give you or the recipient of your gift an idea on what the men from the Basi Revolt in 1800s Philippines drank. They had Basi for every occasion – weddings, births, birthdays, even funerals! Our Basi Puro will give you the privilege of tasting a wine that has existed for hundreds of years. Sure, they say it’s different but you might as well try it once.

If you are the kind who wants something long term and isn’t afraid to commit – to a wine that is, I strongly suggest getting a bottle of our crisp white wine Basidina or our elegant red Basi Maria. For those who love sweet wines, Virginia Blush is highly recommended. Ambaristo is also a good choice if you like your wine bold and sweet. Ambaristo is made from java plum, wild berries, grapes, and sugarcane.

Now back to the drunkenness bit. You’ve seen your friends get drunk right? Were they unbelievably happy? Happiness is elusive and even if the glittering lights of the metro give us some form of comfort, this season is not exactly such a jolly one for many. We all have problems. We all have things to reflect on. Yeah, yeah I’m ranting.

If you want to reflect this Christmas, you might as well NOT do it sober. But a word of advice, don’t drink too much because that is dangerous. A bottle or two would be fine though. You’ve got my blessing.

If this post got you thinking if you should get some of our wines, please visit our online cellar. Cheers!


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