What Makes You Happy?

Life is all about finding happiness in the mundane.  It’s easy to tell others to enjoy life and live it to the fullest even if in truth, this is difficult to do. It takes effort to master being happy and more effort to actually enjoy every little moment that comes your way.

I love food and wine and often, they are my go-to to feel happy. They are some of the best things ever invented. Good food made by a good cook, good wine made by a passionate winemaker – these things make me happy.

Basi Puro, although not the usual choice for many sugarcane wine drinkers in the country, never fails to make me happy. It could be because it gets me drunk pretty easily.

I love pairing Basi Puro with my mother’s prinitong tilapia or with my dad’s chicken and pork adobo. I even pair it with sweets.

It’s almost the end of August and I am running out of Basi Puro supply. I told my mother that I am running out of my happy pills. The next shipment for my own kitchen (I don’t have a cellar here in HK) is on September. What will I do now?

And hey, I’d like to know, what makes you happy?


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