Two Weddings + Basi Maria

We are always elated whenever an excited bride-to-be places an order either online or over the phone. It’s not just because these women chose our wines, but because they never fail to share their love stories with us.

A few days ago, we received a Basi Maria order for a wedding. You always know when our people are talking to a woman who is about to get married because they usually have a smile on their faces. Usually, it’s because they can feel how happy the other person is and the good vibes somehow rub off on them. A day after this order, another lady based abroad ordered Basi Maria for her Filipiniana wedding. She told us that she is getting married next month. We asked if she has any special requests and she said, “We would like to get an older batch of Basi Maria.” Great choice! So here we are, waiting for that older batch. The Basi Maria she is getting is 4 years old and it will be delivered to her Manila address soon.

We are very happy that our wines can be a part of such celebrations.

From the Basi del Diablo Team, thank you very much. We wish you all the best.


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