Are You Drinking Too Much Wine?

My physician friends always tell their patients  to drink alcohol in moderation. Everything from food to whatever should be in moderation. But for someone like me who has to taste wine on a regular basis, my kind of moderation could be another person’s bacchanal.

I think the people around me are puzzled about my drinking habits because I often have to sip wine and then spit it out. (Well some of them know why) It’s not because it doesn’t taste nice, I am just trying to control my alcohol intake. Don’t get me wrong, I love Basi and I love other types of wine but we all have to exercise caution when it comes to alcohol. And I don’t really want to be drunk while on the job even if winemaking is the drunkest job in the whole wide world.

How much is too much?

Some doctors will tell you one glass a day is fine. Others will just say these two magic words: IN MODERATION.

There is no global consensus on how much wine or alcohol a person can drink everyday. The Department of Health & Human Services in the United States, for example, says, it should be “1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men.” That’s fine, right?

The Spanish government disagrees though because their daily limit is way higher. When I read about it, I told my friends to consider moving to Spain. The weather is nice and you can keep sipping wine! Other countries have different guidelines leaving wine drinkers confused.

If you are interested in taking a look at international drinking guidelines, click here. I know I shouldn’t be quoting Wikipedia but the reference section will give you a number of articles for further reading should you want to read more about this.

Don’t feel guilty about that bottle of wine though. Yust look for a flexible guideline. It must be out there, somewhere.



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