Why Do We Swirl?

Wine buffs swirl not only because it’s sophisticated to do so. Scientists say, wine drinkers are actually using the teachings of physics to unleash the flavour in any wine whenever they swirl their glasses before taking that first sip.

The technique favoured by sommeliers and connoisseurs, is an important step in the “art” of wine drinking and the discovery affects more than dinner parties and wine tastings.

According to researchers, their findings about swirling wine and its relationship with wave technology may very well inspire the emergence of new medical treatments. We are quite happy about that and I am guessing wine buffs of the world are saying, “You’re welcome,” followed by a rather demure gulp of their favourite wine.

Orbital shaking allows wine drinkers to appreciate the wine’s bouquet. Fluid experts say, this movement intensifies smells coming from the wine. And from experience, it really does. You already know this of course but for those who don’t, the next time you drink wine from Basi del Diablo, don’t forget to swirl. Cheers!


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