Wine + Pasta

Planning on making pasta for dinner? If you haven’t decided what sauce you are going to make, don’t decide on the wine just yet unless you’re like me. I choose the wine first then decide on what food will complement it best.

Guide To Pasta And Wine

It’s all about the sauce. Forget the pasta itself.

Red sauce complete with meat and roasted tomatoes go well with medium bodied reds like Basi Maria.

Cheese-based sauces are nice with light bodied wines like Basidina. You can also get a full bodied white wine for it or be a bit adventurous and get Basi Puro instead. Basi Puro is a full bodied white wine made from sugarcane.

Seafood sauces go well with light bodied whites like Basidina.

Vegetable sauces are nice with light bodied white wine too.



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