Summer Weddings In The Philippines

Summer weddings in the Philippines are some of the most fun weddings I have attended. Beach weddings, garden weddings, you name it – I’ve been in one and in the Philippines no less.


My only regret is that I did not take many photos. You can’t blame me, I was too busy drinking wine and eating the sumptuous food prepared for wedding guests.

If you have decided to get hitched, it is time to decide whether you’d be serving wine to your guests. You’re probably here looking for nice photos though. I apologise if you only see a few photos but let me take this opportunity to introduce to you Basi del Diablo Wines.



The brand, with its first batch of wine made in 1906, is an all-Filipino wine that will suit every Filipino wedding whether your wedding is this summer or any time within the year.


Basi del Diablo Wines makes personalised wine labels for couples who are getting married only because we love you! Not many brands do this and I have never heard of such a personalised service provided by any wine company in the Philippines.

Interested? Take a look at what we are offering you here.

View Our Products


I love weddings and I hope the photos I added to this blog will give you some inspiration for your dream wedding.

Here’s another one of a cake. I added this because aside from wine, cakes are important.



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  1. Rice N Dine says:

    Interesting! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rice N Dine! Glad you found the post interesting. ❤

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