The Basics Of Wine Tasting

Taste vary greatly whether you are talking about interior décor or your taste when it comes to wine. With wine, perceptions of taste come in but the origin of the wine itself is also something of importance. Any wine drinker can enjoy a bottle or two of course but as the experts would say, wine tasting is an art form.

Massed produced brands cannot beat the quality of family wines though especially when this beautiful concoction comes from an estate that only produces limited bottles per year. There is a beauty in wines like that even in wines that are considered obscure – the likes of Basi del Diablo.

Because of these considerations, it is hard to explain what a certain wine tastes like unless you have them taste the same wine. But you will get the hang of it in due time. Here is a link from Wine Folly that might help.

Detecting the flavours in our mouth or palate for that matter is complicated too but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a wine tasting event. These things are supposed to be fun!

One must remember that there are many elements that you should take into consideration. The most vital of which are your nasal chemoreceptors. Smelling the wine is important but don’t forget to let it breathe first. This should take just a few minutes.

If you are trying a certain brand for the first time specifically brands that are not readily available in your nearest supermarket, let it sit for a few days. It traveled a long way to get to you so let it rest. When you are ready to drink it, chill the wine (if it needs to be chilled), then let it breathe for a few minutes.

Basi del Diablo products in particular need a bit of rest after traveling and all products need to be really chilled before opening. Let it breathe too.

Wine tasting in general has something to do with balance i.e. in terms of acidity, alcohol, and fruit. For reds, you’d have to take a look at the tannins.


This is the spine of any wine especially whites. This alters of course depending on the grapes used and what else was added in the wine and the climate where these ingredients come from.

Acidity of any wine must be well integrated. This is something to take into consideration especially when the winemaker fermented not only grapes but sugarcane with the grapes and still integrated the acidity well. This takes a lot of work which basically makes the drink rather special.


Fruit isn’t about sweetness, it is about the flavour of the fruit that appears in the wine when drank.


This should be balanced and should also give a roundness on your palate.


Perhaps this is the last thing to look for but the colour of the wine is a way for you to see how old the wine is. A youthful wine will have deeper and darker colours while the older ones are a paler version of their youthful selves.

For Basi del Diablo however, since sugarcane is very different when fermented, true, unfiltered clarity can be achieved by aging the wine for 17 years. However, Basi del Diablo’s Basi Puro still has a clarity that one would want – the only difference is, it is has a pale gold hue.


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