For The Love Of Pie! Make Some This Christmas

I have come to learn that making pie crust is a total pain when you’re in a tropical country. It gets too hot here to make it work unless you do it fast enough or so says me – the amateur baker. I did it anyway because I LOVE PIE! Who doesn’t love pie?

Dress Up A Store-Bought Pie For The Holidays


cake-97998_960_720The easiest way to make pie is to NOT make it. The cheap ones from the store are often dull and lack that certain pizzazz to be photographed on Instagram though (if you are into that, nothing wrong with it) but this is a problem that can be easily solved.

Three words: whipped cream, spices.  Add some whipped cream on that pie and sprinkle it with some cinnamon. Store-bought pecan pies will look and taste better if you do this.

Another idea is to mix nuts and berries to create a crunchy pie topping. This is very easy and will dress up your store-bought pie in minutes. You can also add fruits sitting on a bed of whipped cream or use dried fruits and sprinkle it a bit of powder sugar.

Make Peach Pie

Fresh peaches aren’t available in the Philippines but you can always get the ones in can. This makes things easier if you ask me.

I was inspired by a can of peaches to make this pie. That statement just made me laugh but don’t mind the crazy lady – just keep reading to get the recipe.

2 cans peaches (500 grams each)

1 lonely egg

250 ml butter, cubed

2 cups (500 ml) all-purpose flour

½ tsp salt

3 tbsp cold water (this is very important)

1 tbsp vinegar (white if available)

2 tbsp cornstarch

¼ tsp cinnamon (optional)


Step 1: Get those peaches out of the can and then leave them alone.

Step 2: Mix flour, salt, cubed butter in a pastry blender or by hand if you like it rough. If a pastry blender is not available get two knives. Remember, you are not to stab anyone. This is against the law. Now work those knives on the mix until the mix is crumbly.

Step 3: Beat the egg in a separate bowl, add that tiny portion of cold water and vinegar. When done, add this to the flour mixture. Just keep mixing it with a fork until the wet ingredients are absorbed into the dough. Form this into two balls. Why two? I don’t know. Just kidding don’t give up on me.

Step 4: Wrap the other ball of dough with cling wrap and put it in the fridge. Roll out the other one. The surface where you’d be rolling it out should have some flour on it or else, all hell breaks loose.

Step 5: Work that rolling pin. It should have at least an inch overhang for a 9 inch pie plate.

Step 6: Add the peaches. You can put a pie top if you like. This is where the other dough –the one in the fridge – comes in. Make a fancy lattice pie top or just cover the whole thing with it. I suggest doing the former because Step 7.

Step 7: Bake in a preheated oven for 15 minutes. Preheat it at 218 ⁰C. Lower the heat after 15 minutes and continue baking the pie until the filling is bubbling. This should take around 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 8: Get excited because you made pie.

Step 9: Pour a glass of Basidina. It goes well with peach pie.

Step 10: Enjoy.


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