Dark Chocolate For Basi Puro? Oh Yes!

Pure sugar cane wine surprisingly goes well with dark chocolate and even goes very well with chocolate with a bit of chili in the mix. I just found out recently after hosting a small wine party with a few friends here in Manila. As one would expect, I found this incredibly amazing.

Basi Puro, Basi del Diablo’s premium sugar cane wine, is made from sugar cane grown in the north of the Philippines. But what  is sugar cane wine? Is it red or is it white? These are the questions usually asked by wine enthusiasts who haven’t gone beyond conventional wines. Basi, the Ilocano term for sugar cane wine as explained to me by my Ilocano friends, has a class of its own and  it is neither red nor white.

This versatile wine does not only go well with a bar of dark chocolate though, it also goes well with meat and fish. Isn’t that strange? It is a little strange but it is pleasantly strange because it gets rid of the headache of deciding which dish to pair with what kind of wine. I enjoy pairing though but on odd days, I want a wine that goes well with mostly everything.

Like any wine however, Basi Puro, has its quirks but it goes well with more items than other wines and that’s what I love about it. Oh no! I am being redundant. But let me go ahead with my last note, if you haven’t tried Basi Puro, get one today or tomorrow or whenever you feel like placing an order.


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