Pastries, An Alarming Amount Of Butter, And Basi

I made croissants the other day and used a lot of butter because it calls for a lot of butter. A voice inside my head said it is an alarming amount and what I’d be eating is akin to a heart attack on a plate.

Because of this, I postponed eating croissants or baking them for that matter and got biscotti instead. Biscotti is one of my favourites and I love pairing it with tawny port -a slightly sweet wine from Portugal with notes of raisins, toffee, hazelnuts, and fig. I found out however that it also goes very well with Virginia Blush, a basi concoction made from sugarcane and grapes.

I have to say that I am beginning to get a hold of this basi pairing business and that it gives an exotic touch to your usual pastry.

Virginia Blush also goes well with brownies. I usually pair these little chocolate-loaded things with ruby port but trying it with Virginia Blush was a wonderful experience. And I will keep on doing that until I run out of Basi del Diablo. Then I guess it will be time to have my cousins bring some for me again.


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