Irony. That’s what hit me on my face when I first encountered the name Basi del Diablo.  Sure enough, I wasn’t alone. Sigrid tells me of people in the Philippines who shunned supporting the product because of its name.

But what’s in a name?

Firstly, I suppose it separates the wheat from the chaff.  Would you care to know why these wines carry the mark of the Diablo in its name? or would you rather judge this basi by its “cover” (apologies to books, covers and idiomatic expressions).

Because in this case, the Diablo is not the Diablo.  The Diablo in Basi del Diablo’s story is the protector of the treasures.  For those who missed Sigrid’s posts, the story goes this way…

Her grandfather Benito was so incensed by the rampant stealing of their basi. So, he started a rumour that there was a Diablo seen hovering where the basi jars were kept.  That stopped the real diablos from stealing the wines!

But if a person just brushed the name, Basi del Diablo, as coming from some diabolical inspiration, then the devil’s on his side, teehee.

And what else is in a name?

When you get past that wonderful Basi del Diablo story, you will then meet Basi Maria, Virginia Blush, Basidina, of which stories of a loving family spanning different generations are woven in their staying power, having risen from 108-year old recipes.

So, what else is in a name…more than meets the eyes of spectrums of good and evil, of death and life, of love and apathy, and all those that cross through our souls as we enjoy these libations.


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