Longing For Wine And A Dance Song

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had my last glass of wine.  It was last December in Manila.  Wines from Basi del Diablo were among those that I enjoyed with my family and friends.  Bringing some bottles here to Misamis Oriental though is a situation Sigrid and I haven’t resolved just yet. So, that cuts me off from BDD wines for now.

So, as I do my regular jaunts to groceries as our home’s full time cook, I look longingly at the wine sections, my eyes on tenterhooks, grazing through those lovely smooth glass bottles with tiny writings speaking of lands and counties they have come from, telling the stories of their distinct tastes, how they promise to touch my palate with dryness, sweetness, fruitiness, spiciness…

And how they will choose to pair with meats, greens, and sweets like that of two would-be lovers who know in their hearts and souls that the best dance can only be with the one that fits them best – yet not knowing just yet as they are presented with so many possible partners on the dance floor.

To what song will they dance to? These would-be lovers?

With a very deep sigh, I again decide for the nth time to push my grocery cart past these salivations.

Knowing that in some cellar, the wine I will sip with my lover is aging well and true.

(Location: Barangay Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental)