Grilled Food And Basi Maria

Grilled food is one of those things that make my heart flutter. It’s beautiful and it’s more filling than when you cook the same thing on the stove.

A week or so ago, I felt like grilling a few kebabs. I paired it with Basi Maria -a semi-sweet sugar cane wine with grapes from Ilocos Norte that a friend of mine sent to me all the way from the Philippines.

The meal was wonderful and the wine made it even better. One can say I am addicted to food and wine, especially wine, because here I am writing about wine. While Basi del Diablo’s Basi Maria is classified as basi based on international standards, it is as beautiful as wine. The only difference is its exotic and it comes from a place where winemaking isn’t really a full blown industry.

Now back to the grilled kebabs. I will probably do some grilling again today.


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