Rain, Wine, And Musings

It has started raining in my part of the world so I decided that drinking a glass of wine won’t hurt as I watch the rain fall. The TV is on and a newscaster is talking about politics. While the world can be a horrible place, a glass of wine makes one appreciate little wonders.

A hot chocolate drink would be more appropriate on a day like this but there’s still some Ambaristo left from last night and its sweetness is so addictive that I had a craving for it.

Made from wild berries, java plum, and sugar cane all grown in north Philippines, this drink is by definition, one of the most unique alcoholic beverages I have tasted.

The rain will stop sooner or later and the wine will be gone. But these things won’t stop me from thinking about all that work put into this specific bottle of wine and that it made it all the way here. I can almost imagine this particular bottle traveling from the farm where the sugar cane used for it are grown, all the way to the main port of the country where it’s from. And then it flew all the way here.

I have to say that each bottle of wine has a story and sometimes, these stories are as interesting as that of individuals I have met.


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